The biggest challenge that your business faces – daily - is ensuring that clients pay on time so that your cash flow remains healthy! Clients many-a-times take 15-50 days to pay OVER the assigned credit period – and that pretty much throws a spanner in your works!

What We Have Learnt So Far*


Business customers
do not adhere to
supplier credit terms.


Companies delay payment to the vendors due to poor cash flow management practices.


Companies delay payments
because of incorrect invoices or
receiving the invoice too late.


Collections Is Both a Science & an Art!

Getting paid on time is not just dependent on your art of persuasion.You also need a solution that can help you tie the loose ends together. And that is what numberz delivers – across the entire AR and Collections workflow of your organisation.


How Does numberz Help?

Combining the best of the ERP – from Tally to SAP - and banking solutions, numberz boosts your collections process – by impacting the three critical areas : Process Automation, Client Incentives and Team Co-ordination!

All this is delivered via a simple, secure online platform that is powered by robust banking platforms.

Automate AR processes

From faster invoicing to reminders to collections and auto
reconciliation – enhance the end-to-end collections process.

  • Decrease Daily Outstanding. Save time and increase team efficiency
  • Smart auto reminders engine. Client dashboard for easy collaboration.
  • Multiple payment options. Automagic Reconciliation.
  • No disruptions. Integrate with your existing ERP or accounting solution

Get Your Clients to Pay faster!

Provide incentives to your clients to pay you

  • Real-time dashboard for clients to see and manage your invoices, credit and debit notes
  • Dynamic Cash discounts – easy! Create and execute incentives across geos, product lines, SKUs – the way you want it!
  • Enable payments straight out of their dash! With individual virtual accounts. 
  • Reconcile in no time. And release that credit limit to get more orders.


Increase Team Collaboration !

From Finance, Sales, Commercial teams to the Clients – work seamlessly!  

  • Get stronger teamwork going with sales, finance and client collaboration tools
  • Sales portal for the team to see prioritized list of invoices to follow up
  • ‘Always-on’ view of the client ledger – no more last minute matching of books
  • Automated reminders. ERP Sync. GST Recon – and much more

Leverage Advanced Banking !

From Finance, Sales, Commercial teams to the Clients – work seamlessly!  

  • Provide individualised virtual accounts to all your clients. Save time in tracking and reconciliation
  • Explore ‘pulling’ the funds via NACH automatically. 
  • Empower your clients to pay by cards via our secure Payment Gateway
  • Get access to credit in times of cash crunch

Who should adopt numberz? 


Distributors, Dealers, Stockists, C&F Agents – who manage the retail sales


Medium / Small corporates who need to proactively  manage the small distributors


Large corporates who have a large distribution value chain


*Source : Anytime Collect. (2016). 17 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now To Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivable[Whitepaper].

Accounts Receivable Management

Whenever a business grows, irrespective of which industry it belongs to, payments and expenses get complicated at one point. With the total number of accounts, invoices, lines of credit, etc. increased in magnitude as well as the number, it can be difficult to keep bad debt under control. This is where accounts receivable management comes in.  
An accounts receivable management solution covers all the areas of accounts receivable to ensure that invoices are sent on time, the company’s financial situation is monitored in real-time, high-risk accounts are identified easily, and more. 

Why Accounts Receivable Management is so Important?

Having a proper and rather an enterprise-level accounts receivable management solution is a must for every competitive business today. This is because it helps:

  • Prevent late payments 
  • Minimise the instances of disputes with the customers and facilitate the resolution of those that do occur
  • Manage the credit provided to the customers as well as allow for easy and quick disbursal of funds
  • Lower bad debt on the balance sheet and higher receivables collection
  • Reduce the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) ratio
  • Simplify the otherwise complicated and labor-intensive processes 

What are the Advantages of Accounts Receivable Management?

The following are some of the main advantages of accounts receivable management solution:

Improved Cash Flow for Your Business

You need a healthy cash flow to have complete business control. This is because there are all kinds of recurring expenses that you need to manage. Then there are unexpected expenses such as maintenance costs, fulfilling of sudden large orders, investments, etc. that can only be fulfilled when the cash flow is good.

An accounts receivable management program can provide you a bird-eye view of your business. Thus, you can predict cash flow-related problems in advance and prepare or act accordingly. 

Improved Business Productivity

Productivity can only be achieved when the business owners have an organised system for working capital management, cash flow monitoring, communication with the customers, etc. 
An accounts receivable management can provide you all the tools you need to push your company’s productivity and lower the bad debt. For instance, with a dedicated client dashboard, you can check the pending invoices with every individual customer, their repayment history, credit terms, etc. So, even if a dispute arises in the future, you can easily cross-check the claims and achieve resolution in a small time, thus preventing disruption of the other business operations and the cash flow itself.

Informed Credit Service

How do you determine the credit limit for different customers? If you are relying on a “one size fits all” strategy, then it could be one of the things that are contributing to your unpaid invoice list and hurting the cash flow. However, you can fix this problem with an accounts receivable management that provides detailed analytics and repayment history. 
It can help you identify your top customers for which you can offer a line of credit with relaxed credit policies. Similarly, it can mark the customers that are often late with invoice clearances, for which you can set stringent credit terms.

Lower Overhead Costs and Operational Expenses

An accounts receivable management solution can also help you control your overhead costs by saving time that’s otherwise wasted a lot in reconciliation, dispute management, invoice tracking and reminder generation, debt collections, etc. Plus, you can avoid hiring additional manpower altogether when a number of processes can be managed by an automated service alone.

What are the Features of a Good Accounts Receivable Management Solution?

A comprehensive accounts receivable management solution must have the following features:

Accounts Receivable Monitoring and Reporting

One of the most basic features expected from an accounts receivable management solution is accounts receivable monitoring and reporting. This allows you to make informed decisions about your business and also identify issues that are hurting the cash flow or your firm’s credit rating itself.

Invoice Management

An accounts receivable management solution should offer full support for invoice management, right from invoice delivery to receivables collection. It should also help in automating the entire process as much as possible.

Payment Processing

You can’t expect to get timely clearance of an unpaid invoice when there is no comprehensive support to make payments. In other words, a premium accounts receivable management solution will offer multiple payment methods and a simple interface for a customer to find a method which allows for an easy transfer of funds.

Dispute Management

What good is accounts receivable management when a good chunk of precious company time is wasted in the verification of customer claims and detection of financial leakages? If an accounts receivable management solution offers a well-structured dispute management module, then there are few interferences in the normal operations, and the cash flow also improves gradually.