Are outdated manual collections processes coming in the way of your cashflow...and growth?




Despite your investments in ERP and Accounting solutions, for majority of the businesses, the challenge is to ensure timely cashflows. This is not only dependent on your customers but on your collection processes too!

Inefficient processes find their way into high Trade Receivables and finally into bad debts! 


Lack of Visibility

To be paid on time, invoices need to reach the right folks at the right time. Usually they don't and you end up constantly exchanging the ledger with your clients. 

Lack of visibility also leads to disputes arising too late - leading to further delays! 



Process Inefficiency

Receivables need constant reminding and providing incentives to clients to pay early. These processes are manual, prone to errors and at times difficult to administer.

Current processes use a 'one size fits all' solution to managing clients to recover the dues.  

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Pain in Reconciliation

Clients use various ways to pay - and you need to make sense of them all. Who paid? Against which invoices? Were credit notes applied? Partial payments?

Reconciliation becomes a nightmare! And that too after a lot of team coordination! 


The entire invoice-to-cash cycle today, does not provide you with insights - to take better decisions. The existing processes do not ascribe 'risk' to your customers and the decisions you take to recover the monies.

Insights from your own data, holds the key! 

numberz is an analytics driven, secure, online enterprise solution that helps you achieve your collection goals!

Deeply integrated with the core banking platforms and various ERPs, numberz ensures that your collections woes are taken care of!  

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From Invoice Presentment to the clients to Automated Reminders; from managing Credit notes to enabling Cash Discounting ; from Payment Advises to easy Reconciliation - numberz lets you get on top of the entire AR process, while ensuring compliance.

Happy customers, happy collections!




numberz helps you provide collection workflows to the clients. Not just to incentivise them to pay early, but to aid them to pay you faster using various banking instruments. From customisable virtual accounts to B2B Payment Gateways or even eNACH - numberz will ensure faster and seamless collections.

Clients can also use numberz to avail a credit line to clear your invoices!

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Insights into various aspects of AR are critical for all the business functions. With its Dash Boards and Reports that continue to get enriched via the analytical insights, numberz will help you support your decision making with descriptive and predictive analytics.


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ERP Integration

Your ERP powers your business. Working seamlessly with the existing solution is critical to the quick success of any solution. numberz ensures that!

With its deep integrations and agile methodologies to exchange information, numberz makes sure that there are no disruptions to the way of core business processes are structured - both during implementation and after it.  

Results : Longevity of the ERP, Quicker impacts on the AR objectives, Faster adoption by the teams - and a faster ROI!

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Bank Integrations

Banking products, made available to you in your business context, can help you reduce your AR cycles substantially. 

If these integrations are with the core banking platform, the benefits can be delivered seamlessly, securely and real time.

With its integrations with secure banking platforms provided by Yes Bank & RBL, numberz provides the finance teams with these tools that can help to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Security is NOT a feature. It is the core foundation on which a solution you trust, needs to be built on.

numberz takes the data security very seriously. It is imperative that its not just the technology infrastructure is secure, but the solution that is built on it is secure too. Same goes for the people who manage your platform.

Our goal :  deliver the benefits while protecting your business information - from inside out as well as the outside in.

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We evaluated a lot of solutions for managing our AR – before zeroing in on numberz. What tipped the scales in favour of numberz was the product that went deep into the collections workflows – at the same time making sure that it had the flexibility to suit our needs. Combined with the energy of the team that believes in quick wins and long term value for the customer, we decided fairly quickly on the partnership. We hope, we will have a long and enriching journey
— Treebo Hotels, Bengaluru