Numberzs is a supremely smart, automated accounts receivable interface that makes it childishly simple for you to track and collect your money.

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He says she owes you X, but has only paid Y, and she has told B that she'll pay half of Y in 15 days time, and C was thinking of a hundred other things when C was writing it down, so he could have forgotten to, and now she is saying the X has been paid, and the invoice has been raised by G, and K has seen it and passed it to H for signing but the bank is still empty.


use Numberz every day to improve collections, boost team productivity and drive better visibility.

20%Increase in Collection team's Efficiency

20% Reduction in Daily sales outstanding

20%Reduction in time spent for Customer Co-ordination

Numberz Delivers

Providing End-to-End Receivables and Collections Management Capabilities on a single cloud platform

Single view for clients and team

Collections CRM & Automation

Collaboration & Issue Resolutions

Better & Actionable insights

No more mishmash of multiple systems, and exchanging sensitive client data across excel sheets. Re-imagine your workflow with the power of RPA and Al.

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Numberz seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. It also integrates withother ecosystem offerings so as to help you
accelerate your collections and improve customer experience.

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