Analytics Driven Accounts Receivable Solution

  • 25% reduction in time spent for  Customer Coordination  
  • 20% reduction in  Daily Sales Outstanding  
  • 20% increase in Collection team's  Efficiency 
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What if you could...?

Predict What you will collect

Predict What you will collect

Collect more to increase your current assets

Increase efficiency of Collections team

Increase efficiency of Collections team

Spend less time to prioritise, and more to get in touch with the customers

Reduce Daily Sales Outstanding

Reduce Daily Sales Outstanding

Now, bring down your DSO using technology & risk analytics

Deliver what you get - Best of kind Customer Experience

Watch how it impacts your business?

Your Accounts Receivable Process Needs to grow with you!

numberz solves for your collections. It helps you anticipate the challenges
and mitigate them - as your business grows!

Make collections more predictive with AI powered Receivable Analytics

Build an exciting, new accounts receivable ecosystem with analytics. Get prepared to take control.

Make collections more predictive with AI powered  Receivable Analytics

If you want to understand your customer's behaviour, we've got you covered. Now complement your efforts with detail-oriented dashboards that never let you miss a pattern to formulate the right strategy.

Identify high risk customers, with real-time analytics on dashboard. Get ageing reports, cash projections, current due vs overdue collections and many more. Also, customise them to devise strategies.
Now strategize using easy to understand reports that eliminate 90% of uncertainty in customer's behaviour. Also, bring DSO down - all the while retaining your customers. All this. To minimize corporate credit risk in a way – that won't hamper sales with ironclad policies.
In this new, fast changing world technology never fails to keep us on our toes, in a positive way. For a comprehensive analysis of data gathered on our platform, we leverage machine learning algorithms to iteratively learn from more, undiscovered insights.

Increase efficiency of your team with Automation

Only hardest of the tasks can't be done by machines. Everything else, you can automate.

Now save time, efficiently manage transactions & correspondence with your customers. Also, keep complete control & mapping of teams, and their respective processes.

Our CRM specifically designed for collection teams in a way that increases efficiency and productivity. Eliminate any scope of miscommunication using our smart activity engine.
Collections agents can spend more time interacting with high-risk customers rather than prioritizing - who to call?
Now, schedule/send reminders automate follow-ups just with a click of a button to low or medium risk customers. Automation further helps leaders to evaluate their team's performance via dashboards.
Finance & accounting teams can now easily reconcile bank transaction with bank statements. They also receive visibility of information – which payment is received against which invoice. Now you can eliminate scope of any manual error & reconcile with 100% accuracy.
Increase efficiency of your team with Automation

Provide great Customer Experience with effective tools

Your customer is the most important visitor in your premises.

Provide great Customer Experience with effective tools

Your customers are transforming faster than you are. There's a growing need to keep up with their pace.

We give your customers one stop destination to view and pay for all invoices. Also, they can raise and manage their disputes and credit notes on this platform.
Experience a whole new world of advanced banking. We've partnered with numerous leading banks in India. Your customers can directly pay via client portal using a medium they find suitable. Such as, payment gateway, eNACH, virtual accounts and UPI.
Using numberz, resolve a dispute like never before. Clients can raise disputes directly from client dashboard and collectors can resolve them easily without following up for necessary documents. Also, why delay all the payments, when you can ask client to hold only the dispute one?
Now adjustments of credit notes can be made without any hassle. Additionally, we understand, to follow good business practices there's a need to incentivise your customers at regular intervals. You can easily apply incentives & reconcile with a click of button.

Numberz Accounts Receivable Ecosystem

Integrate your systems with numberz to draw external technologies closer while managing security issues, and getting a handle on stream of innovations.

Numberz Accounts Receivable Ecosystem


Cybersecurity has never been more important.

Numberz is developed using industry's gold standard security best practices. Your data is locked safely in our systems using SSL encryption, password protection, multi-user security and a back up.

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