Team Activity

It’s not just about targets. It is also about improving everyday, together. With numberz identify the root causes that pull down the performance of your representatives. Help them to get their communication strategies right and give them a feedback that plays a major role in their success.

team activity

Identify problem areas to increase coordination

It is important that finance and sales teams stay on the same page

Bring your entire team on the same page

As data gathers on numberz platform, you can identify all the problem areas that act as hindrance in your team’s path. Help them coordinate better by providing a platform that lets them make instant updates using a mobile application.

Use Collection CRM, Reminder Engine and know what’s moving

As a manager, know the reason behind abrupt changes in your pipeline. Tell collection representatives which accounts they can push to achieve targets and the accounts that can take a back seat. With numberz’ Collection CRM to get full visibility of accounts receivable pipeline and increase efficiency of the processes using Reminder Engine and end-to-end tracking of those emails.

Identify key areas that enhance team’s productivity

Nothing goes unnoticed. Make them hit deadlines.

Help them so that they can help you achieve your goals

Numberz helps you to keep tabs on team activities, and coordinate all the work that your team does together. Now you can know all the loopholes that bring down the productivity, what needs to be done and find out what is not letting them achieve their targets.

Identify best performers with AI-Analytics

Track all the collection activities real-time, every transaction that is made, customer’s communications and track their performance by setting up milestones. All of this - on your dashboard!

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