We are very, very serious about security of your data.

A secure platform

As third party bearers of your data, we are aligned towards 360 degree security of your transactions. Whenever you upload your data to our platform or receive a payment from your customer, the security of transactional data is our prime concern. Hence, creating a safe platform is core to what we do - to serve you with best of our ability.

Complete PCI-DSS compliance

Whenever and wherever you use Numberz, we make compliance easy. We handle all your your expenses and time that is required to invest in dealing with the assessors, self-assessment questionnaires and audits. We charge no extra fee for staying fully compliant.

Best in industry security

We invest heavily in technology that builds up a wall between your data, and all possible threats towards it.

Secure Invoice Data

From the time a user uploads data from your ERP or enters information using a spreadsheet, the data is encrypted until it reaches numberz’s processing environment. Also, our tokenization ensures that unencrypted data never touches your system or application.

Secure Payment Data

The moment your customer picks up his credit card to make a payment using Payment Gateway, or schedule a payment using eNACH, or make use of various banking tools present on our platform - the data is encrypted until it reaches numberz’s servers.


Read our complete privacy policy here.

Multi-user security

Numberz offers a completely safe multi-user platform to all its stakeholders to manage your receivables, receive payments from customers, analyze data and reconcile accounts. We understand that you need to manage a team’s/user’s access and permissions to sensitive customer data, and we are fully equipped to execute it with ease.

Data backup

All your data is safe with us on our cloud platform. We understand, enterprise data is anything but uniform. Which is why our data protection, backup and recovery solution covers the full range of data sources, file types, storage media and backup modes.

Server security

Your crucial data is fully encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol, a strong key exchange, and a strong cipher. To know more about certifications and encryptions on our platform, read our full privacy policy or ask any question here.


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