In the digital age, we are committed to the cause of securing your financial data. We continually enhance our security measures to industry best practices to ensure your information is protected with the latest technology and techniques.



Your data is not shared with anyone else without your prior permission. If you do decide to access to the credit line, then you will be asked for explicit permissions for sharing your data.

Multi-User Security

We offer multiple permission levels within numberz that can limit the access privileges of each user, so you have complete control over who can access what. For e.g. your accountant or staff will have limitations to see your data.



We regularly run security checks and simulate attacks to ensure our firewalls and defensive technologies are airtight.

Data Backup

All your data is backed up in cloud, so even if you lose anything, you can always restore it.


Server Security

Our servers protect your data from unauthorized access. There are multiple levels of security checks and encryption is done to make sure your data is in safe hands.


We’ve been awarded the Comodo Seal which certifies we adhere to Comodo strict online privacy principles which protect personal information collected on our website.



256 Bit Secure Sockets Layer Encryption (SSL) protects all data sent through the network.