Helping you to collect better so that you sell more



Know what matters the most

Problem: 30% of the total time is spent on prioritizing accounts rather than actually connecting with clients

Most of the accounts are prioritized using ageing buckets

Solution: Spend time on accounts that need your attention

Our automation tools show you what matters the most, without any hassle


Spend more time to execute your plans. Get efficiency that never lets you miss any target

Problem: Low visibility of the processes reduces efficiency

It is chaotic to communicate and get full visibility of who is doing what over emails and spreadsheets

Solution: Get full visibility with our set of tools

Coordinate better with stakeholders using our CRM for collections, Sales Dashboard; and learn from customer behaviour & resolve disputes. Make your customers pay with a click of a button via Client Dashboard.


Collections management for real-time decision making

Problem: Unpredictable cash inflow

No real visibility of the current status and changes in the pipeline

Solution: Use analytics to keep your collections in check

Use numberz accounts receivable analytics to get full visibility of the processes on Sales Dashboard. You can drill down the impact of changes in your pipeline and track it in real-time.

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