A solution that helps you spend 30% less time to carry out accounts receivable operations with full visibility & coordination with sales team



Problem: Excessive manual intervention, presence of real-time details in emails make processes inefficient

Most of the updates are communicated via email and updated on spreadsheets. This leads to high possibility of making errors.

Solution: Automate Invoice to Cash process

Send reminders without delaying, your clients pay directly using Client Dashboard, increase efficiency of your workforce, seamlessly resolve disputes and automatically reconcile accounts.


Problem:No organized workflow

Most of the collection activities are spontaneous or demand immediate attention.

Solution: Spend time on what matters the most

Spend less time coordinating with customers for faster results by using numberz CRM for Collections. Further, let your customers use numberz Client Dashboard so that they can pay fast and you can collect and reconcile accounts even faster!


Leverage analytics to empower the team

Problem:No real visibility of ops

Lot of guessing out of forecasting creates chaos. No real translation of data.

Solution: Resolve more with complete visibility and control

Get the answers you need to close accounts as soon as possible using a dashboard for Finance team. Understand pipeline changes and zero in on the root cause of slipped deals so you can give sales team a hand in getting them back on track.

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