Chief Financial Officer

Realize your accounts receivable goals by increasing visibility, reducing manual intervention, and using AI-powered analytics

Chief Financial Officer, cfo


Let complete visibility of the processes between finance & sales teams form the cornerstone of your collection strategy

Problem: No transparency & ineffective communication between teams, leads to delay in collections

Lack of visibility of processes causes unnecessary delays, and ineffective communication between Finance and Sales departments. This problem further leads to higher Day Sales Outstanding and unresolved disputes.

Solution: Automate complete Invoice-to-Cash process and use a CRM that is custom-made for collections

With numberz ‘intelligently automate’ all follow-up processes. This provides complete visibility and eliminates any scope of making manual errors. Using numberz CRM, a collector can streamline his follow ups, and Finance & Sales teams can coordinate and take action in minimal time - leading to better collection practices & lower DSO.


Enhance processes followed by collection team

Problem:No clear line of sight into collection activities of sales and finance teams

As a CFO, it is imperative for you to receive insights of collection activities at regular intervals and formulate next quarter’s strategy and usage of working capital. These updates play a significant role in monitoring the performance of your team and enhancing collection processes.

Solution: Monitor productivity of your team

Monitor performance of your collection team effortlessly.


Receive insights that let you gain momentum

Problem: Your next quarter’s accounts receivable & Credit strategy is trapped in multiple spreadsheets

You accounts receivable & credit strategy revolves around generating working capital & reducing DSO. Whether it's the ageing reports or your collection team’s challenges, everything is trapped in a zillion reports present in your inbox. It is no doubt, a tedious task to deduce a congruent accounts receivable & Credit strategy.

Solution: With AI-powered analytics, predict collections

Using numberz, know where you will land by the end of this receivable cycle. Get real-time collection status, cash projection reports and know your best paying customers using numberz CFO Dashboard. As data gather on the platform, it further helps you in spotlighting your team’s performance.

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