Analytics for Collections

Numberz Analytics offers predictability that eliminates all the last moment surprises from your collections pipeline, and gives your next quarter a head-start. Our AI-powered analytics tools empower you to make better more effective strategies, take better business decisions and receive real-time access of activities of your collection team.


Predictions that are dependable

Charts that you can rely on

Full view of collection activities and their results

As the actions of your team members give you results and make changes in your collections pipeline, numberz predicts the health of your receivables for the next accounts receivable cycle.

Predictive forecasting of opportunities that are likely to close

Now it is possible to compare your team’s performance to numberz’ AI-based forecast. See how predictions play a positive role in increasing your close rate.

Accurate forecasts that are backed with reasons

Dashboards that clear all the clutter.

Vanity Metrics that let you stay updated

Know in real-time - what is happening in the collections teams by receiving vanity metrics of collection activities. Complete transparency into all the critical tasks executed by the accounts receivable team.

A single dashboard for managers to track everything

Now spreadsheets can take a backseat. All the necessary data required to let you frame effective & cost-friendly strategies is available on your dashboard.

Bring consistency in processes & improve strategies

Data that doesn’t require a translator. It is so simple, it speaks for itself.

Receive overview of all accounts

Know how your team is handling their customers to complete their targets.

Collection team’s activity overview at macro and micro levels

Receive overview of team’s activities that forms a pipeline for you and a solid pipeline for your accounts receivable strategy.

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