numberz motto

Never run out of money.

What was the motivation behind numberz?

After working with SMBs and the tech space we noticed that SMBs struggled to manage their finances. Often challenges around cash flow made it difficult to manage & grow their business. However, we realized that technology could solve these challenges and there couldn't have been a better time with Digital India initiatives including GST and UPI making it even more easier.
We are combining our experience in understanding SMBs with our technology to help ensure businesses never run out of money.

What makes us special?

With growing exposure to international apps and products, users expect easy to use products and services. Solutions available today provide tools which are focused on transactions or activities and not on the outcome. numberz focuses on the business outcome backed by a simple to use product.

                      What has been the best part of the start-up experience?

Its heartening to see users reaction to a financial product at the price point we offer. From Small Business Owners to Chartered Accountants, numberz has been appreciated for ease of use, time saving benefits and anytime anywhere access.